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Harbor Hall News for September 2012

Sep 27, 2012

Harbor Hall is presently in the process of renovating its residential facilities. We will be involved in construction for the next few months as we update our facilities with a clean, modern, dorm style look. We would like to have our residents thought of as students who are learning to live a drug and alcohol free life. This update will include renovating existing bathrooms to have tiled showers and floors. We will also be redoing all of the resident bedrooms to include new beds, armoires, nightstands, over-the-bed lighting for private reading, new blinds and a designer paint scheme planned by our interior decorator. We will also be tiling the kitchen pantry and putting in new flooring in the dining facility. This is Phase One out of a two phase renovation, which will also include a future update of our sober living facilities. Our improvements there will include the replacement of the bathrooms and kitchen at the oldest facility along with new beds, dressers, nightstands and closets. The sober living facilities are for graduates of our residential program.

The entire staff is committed to insuring that our clients are treated with dignity and respect. If it was not for the clients coming to our facility we would not exist so, they are paramount and who we are here for. This attitude is shared by the entire treatment staff and the Harbor Hall Inc. and Foundation Boards. Terry Newton, the Executive Director of Harbor Hall for the past 22 years, has gone through several construction processes while in his current position. According to Mr. Newton; “We are always looking at new ways in which we can improve on the services and amenities for the clients that we serve. I am excited to be a part of this process and we have an amazing staff that make the place operate on a daily basis as well as a deeply committed Board of Directors of Harbor Hall, Inc. and The Harbor Hall Foundation. We would also like to thank the many donors who have made these renovations and updates possible.

Harbor Hall has begun to take in more private pay clients including medical and other professionals and young adults who are coming from around Michigan and other states because of our affordable treatment options. Harbor Hall has received clients from New York, Florida, Colorado, Arizona and Illinois. Accepting self-pay clients also insures that we will be able to provide services to persons who cannot afford to pay for treatment services.

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