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Harbor Hall Treatment Programs

At Harbor Hall, we believe that substance-related disorders affect the whole person and is reflected in the individuals’ problems with conduct, attitudes, values, beliefs and emotion regulation.


Our facilities offer residential treatment, outpatient care, and transitional living, with the appropriate level of care determined by our expert team. All our treatment services strictly adhere to defined policies, procedures, and employ evidence-based clinical approaches to ensure effective and tailored care for each individual.

Residential Treatment

Harbor Hall caters to individuals seeking a secure, structured therapeutic environment that fosters skill development for sobriety and recovery maintenance. We provide around-the-clock, meticulously organized residential treatment services to men and women, adhering strictly to established policies, procedures, and evidence-based practices. Our clinical staff, certified by the Michigan Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (MCBAP), comprises highly trained professionals who continually review treatment progress and recommend ongoing care

Withdrawal Management

Withdrawal management is a component of the addiction treatment services provided at Harbor Hall. This service is delivered by appropriately trained staff who provide 24-hour supervision, observation and support for those who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.


Harbor Hall’s expanded health services fill the spectrum of holistic, gender-specific, and strength-based individualized therapies. Our highly qualified counselors help those struggling with a variety of needs: anxiety, depression, family issues, learning disabilities, or just need to talk to a professional.

Transitional Living

The Transitional Living Facility is designed with the simple understanding that not all people are ready to jump out into independent living after completing treatment for substance abuse. Some clients develop the awareness that going back to their communities can be risky to early recovery and can lead to a relapse. Harbor Hall has sought to alleviate some of these transitional problems by providing a low-cost, supportive living environment.

Petoskey Comprehensive Healthcare

Petoskey Comprehensive Healthcare (PCH) is dedicated to supporting healthy lives in Northern Michigan. Quality, trustworthy, compassionate care is at the heart of what we do. We provide our patients and their families the benefit of a care team that focuses on patient-provider relationships and participation in healthcare decisions. As your primary care provider (PCP), we administer relevant evidence-based care to improve your health and coordinate the services you need.

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