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Harbor Hall is committed to serving as a beacon for individuals on the path to recovery, those considering it, and their families. If you’re seeking additional support and resources, rest assured you’re in the right place.


Our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) section provides essential information on various aspects of our treatment program. It covers queries ranging from admission procedures, types of services offered, insurance, and payment options, to details about our care approach and facilities. The F.A.Q.s aim to deliver comprehensive responses to common concerns, offering clarity and helping make your recovery journey as smooth as possible.

Alumni Testimonials

At Harbor Hall, we take great pride in the journeys and triumphs of our alums. Their stories of overcoming addiction and recovering are powerful testimonies of resilience and strength. Hearing their experiences provides inspiration and proof that recovery is achievable, validating the effectiveness of our comprehensive, supportive approach to treatment.

Funding your Treatment

Harbor Hall accommodates most commercial insurances, Medicaid, and self-pay options. We also have access to further funding resources. For more information, please reach out to us at (231) 347-9880.

Guide to Intervention Specialists

If you need help to intervene in a loved one’s or friend’s substance use disorder, you can contact an intervention specialist to help you through the process. Usually, there is a lot of confusion, mixed emotions, and logistics, to sort through prior to an intervention, and a specialist is trained to walk you through the process. Most interventions are successful provided they are done right.


Treatment Options for Teen Substance Abuse

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