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Believe You Can and You’re Halfway There!

Together we can help overcome addiction

Here at Harbor Hall, we’ve been helping individuals sail back to shore for over 40 years. We’re excited to meet and partner with you at a turning point in your story.

“… it’s about the people. It’s about the mission.  It’s about recovery.  It’s about saving lives….” ~ Patrick McGinn

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What Our Guests Say

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"I’d had several in-patient treatment center experiences, but it was at Harbor Hall where I began the life as I know it now."

Michael Fitzpatrick, Harbor Hall 1996

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Recovery Begins Here

Our Therapeutic Approaches

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Clinical treatment focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of addiction and integrates therapy and counseling into a broader treatment plan. Clients engage with trained professionals to help them understand how addiction occurs. There can also be levels of  co-occurring disorders that accompany addiction.



Recreation is a key component to the treatment program at Harbor Hall. We are fortunate to have such great community partners who help facilitate these opportunities in Northern Michigan. Additionally, the residents of Harbor Hall donate their time to many of these organizations, including Camp Daggett, as their community service.


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 “We are all spiritual people experiencing humanness”.   At our Residential treatment facility, we have observed a majority of clients report resentments, assumptions, suspicions and contempt towards God, the concept of Higher Power, religion, and spirituality.  While we are not a “faith-based” organization, our open-minded support and guidance surrounding the concept and contempt of spirituality, God, or religion has remained a highlight of the overall client experience in our treatment program.


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