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"I went through the Michigan Drug Rehab Center; Harbor Hall and got my priorities straight! My son couldn't be any happier, having his daddy back in his life."
"Admitting I needed a Michigan Drug Treatment Center was the hardest decision I've ever made. It's also been the most positive and rewarding."
"My wife was going to leave unless I checked in to an Michigan alcohol treatment center. I have been learning how to live a sober lifestyle and my relationship couldn't be better. Thanks Harbor Hall."
"I forgot how much I enjoyed fishing with my girlfriend until I went through an Michigan alcohol rehab center I am not only catching fish; I am catching the spirit of joy in my life again."
"It looks dark and scary when you need substance use disorder treatment services Michigan."
There's light at the other end of the tunnel.


“I entered treatment with a “train wreck” of a life. I was destitute, homeless and borderline suicidal. But my life was changed through Harbor Hall. Now I have hope, I make positive lifestyle choices, and I’ve stayed sober for two years. The bleak, hopeless suffering of addiction has been transformed into abundant growth, opportunity and possibility.”

-Todd B.

Affordable, Effective Residential Drug Treatment in Michigan.

We provide residential and outpatient treatment in Michigan, helping clients break free from addictions to drugs and alcohol.

  1. “Why we do what we do”: We believe that everyone is capable of being on the path to recovery and our purpose is to help get you there.
  2. “How we do it”: We offer safety, compassion, professional support and hope in a proven environment.
  3. “What we do”: We help men and women of all ages and their families, find recovery from the suffocating grip of alcohol and/or drug addictions.

Michigan’s Affordable Treatment Center for Substance Use Disorders

When seas are rough and you’ve drifted off course Harbor Hall is your port in the storm. Recognized throughout the Midwest as an outstanding alcohol and drug treatment center in Michigan, Harbor Hall offers an amazingly affordable array of excellent care. Michigan Drug Rehab Center. Call Harbor Hall at 888-880-5511. Set in beautiful Northern Michigan on the shores of Little Traverse Bay, Harbor Hall enjoys a unique location as well as a remarkable situation.

Even though Harbor Hall provides a full continuum of care for substance use disorders, our residential drug and alcohol treatment program is highly affordable and effective.

Because of the caring and generous communities in Northern Michigan and being incorporated since 1973, Harbor Hall is able to maintain the highest quality of care at an unmatched affordability.

Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan have been a destination place for the well to do since the middle 1800′s. The relaxed atmosphere, resort lifestyle and an abundance of recreation and leisure opportunities lend themselves to a contented commitment, where hope is alive and you CAN develop a life that is free from addiction.

Come; Change your life at Harbor Hall where, we’ve been treating addictive disorders for 40 years.

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Michigan Drug Rehab Center. Call Harbor Hall at 888-880-5511.Harbor Hall is accredited by CARF International CARF International accreditation demonstrates a program’s quality, transparency and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. CARF International is an independent, non-profit accreditor of health and human services. Harbor Hall is proud to be accredited by CARF.

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More About The Harbor Hall Michigan Drug Detox Center and Michigan Alcohol Rehab Center

Harbor Hall a Leading Michigan Addiction Treatment Services Center provides cost-effective drug and alcohol treatment through every level of service that we provide. All of the drug detox services, alcohol rehab treatment, and addiction treatment services match a level of care that is determined through an individualized assessment. The individualized assessment focuses on evaluating your level of care as determined through the American Society of Addiction Medicine; Patient Placement Criteria.

The Harbor Hall Addiction Treatment Services in Michigan Include These Levels of Care:

Sub-Acute Detoxification: Harbor Hall’s Detoxification Program focuses on getting you safely off of drugs and alcohol so that you can work on developing a lifestyle centered on recovery and moving in a forward direction in your life. Provided that you stay through the entire process, you will leave with a plan that focuses on helping you to stay on a path of hope and recovery. Our Michigan drug detox center accepts new clients from the across the USA. As a leading alcohol rehab center in Michigan Harbor Hall also provides both inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs.

Outpatient substance abuse treatment in Michigan: is a level of care where you can continue your normal course of living by going to school or work each day. You will be attending alcohol rehab and drug treatment at a time that is convenient for you to do so. This level of care is based on the trust that you can stay sober in your home environment and that your counseling and support will work with you to develop ongoing and lasting recovery.

Long-Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment in Michigan: Long-term residential substance abuse treatment in Michigan can include drug detox and alcohol rehab services that are necessary for when you are having difficulty in carrying on the normal functions of daily living without the use of mood altering chemicals. Residential drug and alcohol treatment takes you away from your environment, for a long enough period of time to safely detoxify you from substances and to teach you a new way of living. Because we focus on the ongoing relationship that you will develop with a support network, it’s important to note that 12 step recovery stumbled upon the 90 meetings in 90 days mantra. The research shows that 90 days of treatment is the gold standard at helping to clear thought processes and to make clearer decisions.

Transitional Living Substance Abuse Treatment in Michigan: Our transitional living drug detox and alcohol treatment programs in Michigan are otherwise known as a sober living residence because they are focused on helping you to develop a life of recovery. Many skills that are taken for granted, are a mystery in the life of someone who has come from the culture of addiction. Many of your former playgrounds and playmates are centered around the same lifestyle and you will learn to live life, on life’s terms, rather than approaching things from the old culture. The transitional living environment involves support groups, where sober living skills are taught and you can figure out a different path for what you want to do with your life once drugs and alcohol have stopped being a priority.

Sub-acute detoxification services are provided at our residential addiction treatment facility in Petoskey Michigan. This service is offered to adult males 18 and over, who need supervised withdrawal of alcohol and/or drugs.

Detoxification has three immediate goals: (1) to provide a safe withdrawal from alcohol or other drug(s) of dependence (2) to provide withdrawal that is both humane and protects your dignity; and (3) to prepare you for ongoing addiction treatment services in Michigan.

  1. To provide safe withdrawal from drug(s) of dependence and enable you to become drug-free. Many risks are associated with drug detox and withdrawal from drug dependence. For persons who are severely dependent on alcohol; abrupt, untreated cessation of drinking may result in withdrawal delirium, seizures, marked hyper autonomic signs, or death. Other sedative-hypnotics also may produce life-threatening withdrawal syndromes. Withdrawal from opiates and stimulants produces severe discomfort but generally is not life-threatening. Outpatients experiencing withdrawal symptoms may self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs, and the interaction between prescribed medication and self-administered drugs may result in an overdose.
  2. To provide a withdrawal process that is both humane and protects the patient’s dignity. The Harbor Hall substance abuse treatment center in Michigan has a caring staff, in a supportive environment that is culturally sensitive, maintains confidentiality, and insures the proper selection of appropriate detoxification medication (if needed). All of these factors are important in providing safe withdrawal of alcohol and/or drugs. The Harbor Hall addiction treatment staff includes a physician that overseas the detoxification process and monitors each patient accordingly.
  3. To prepare you for ongoing treatment of your dependence on alcohol or other drugs. We will work with you to coordinate an ongoing support plan to keep you drug/alcohol free upon your discharge from our detoxification services.

Michigan Drug Detox Center Harbor Hall is a Top-Rated Alcohol Rehab Center in Michigan Providing a Wide Range of Addiction Treatment Services in Michigan. Contact Harbor Hall to Learn More About Our Michigan Addiction Treatment Services and the full range of
substance abuse treatment, alcohol rehab, drug detox, drug rehab and addiction treatment services in Michigan.

Following an evaluation, patients receive an affordable addiction treatment program recommendation with drug detox and alcohol rehab services in one of Harbor Hall’s proven treatment programs. We offer both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs in Michigan designed to meet the unique needs of each patient and their family. Michigan addiction treatment services are offered at our Michigan drug detox center and alcohol rehab center in Michigan. Harbor Hall helps clients from across the USA develop skills for sobriety, with a plan for recovery based on clinical care needs.

Our highly experienced staff of professional treatment counselors can help you determine the drug and alcohol treatment plan and insurance coverage options for the addiction treatment services that you need.

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