Withdrawal Management

Withdrawal management is a component of the addiction treatment services provided at Harbor Hall. This service is delivered by appropriately trained staff who provide 24-hour supervision, observation and support for those who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Knowing when you need supervised withdrawal management.

A medical screening process is available to review a client’s need for this level of care. This screening process also helps provide the Harbor Hall staff with direction and guidance to develop a treatment plan for the best possible outcomes.   Since the stages of alcoholism and/or addiction to narcotics may vary among clients, we are careful to fully evaluate those who need this  service.

There are three immediate goals withdrawal management:

  • To assure safe withdrawal from a person’s substance of abuse or misuse.
  • To deliver a service that is both humane and protects the individual’s dignity.
  • To prepare the individual for on-going treatment and therapy.

Our staff  provide care in a supportive environment that is culturally sensitive and maintains strict confidentiality.  This service is part of our residential program.