Welcome to Harbor Hall

Below is information that may be helpful as you are planning your stay with us. We strive to make your time at Harbor Hall as comfortable as possible.


  • All Previous Physical Exam documentation(s) and/or TB test if within the past 6 months.
  • All Prescription medications that have been authorized by the medical staff and CEO only. Bring enough of refills to cover the entire length of stay.
  • Comfortable, informal clothing appropriate for the season. Bring enough clothes to last at least one week. Washers and dryers are available at no charge.
  • Comfortable walking shoes and gym clothes.
  • Personal Toiletries such as soap, shampoo, wash cloth, towels (at least 2) and laundry detergent.
  • Three forms of Identification: Birth certificate, divers license, Social Security Card, Military ID, Picture ID, etc.  (This is necessary to assist you in application for General Assistance which may cover a portion of your room and board).
  • Insurance card if applicable.
  • It is okay to bring a small amount of cash for personal spending but it is not recommended to have more than $50 at any given time.


(You will be searched the day you arrive. If in your possession, these items will be confiscated and locked up until your departure with the exception of alcohol and drugs which will be disposed of.)

  • Weapons
  • Alcohol or products that contain alcohol.
  • Any drugs, illicit, prescribed or over-the-counter that have not been prior approved.
  • Personal television. Small radios are allowed if electrically safe.
  • Cell phones, computers, electronic notebook or any other communication device that can connect to the internet, text or make calls.
  • No electronic games or devices
  • Ear/head phones.
  • You may bring hair clippers but they are locked up in tech office.
  • No playing cards or other gambling items.
  • No over the counter medications including vitamins, and powder supplements.
  • No electronic smoking devices.
  • Recommended not to bring any items of high value such as jewelry. It is also not recommended to have more than $50 at any given time.  Security of such items cannot be guaranteed and is your responsibility.
  • Food, candy, sugar
  • Energy drinks, body building supplements, vitamins.
  • No tattoo equipment.