Harbour Hall


Success Stories

Michael Fitzpatrick, 1996


“Looking back it is hard to believe what little I observed of Harbor Hall’s beautiful surroundings on that first drive into town; slowly, however, during the frequent walks to local meetings and events, Petoskey’s beautiful, natural landscape revealed itself. Though I cannot undervalue the direct effect of the “million dollar sunsets,” the true brilliance of Harbor Hall is its people.”

“I’d had several in-patient treatment center experiences, but it was at Harbor Hall where I began the life as I know it now. I stumbled into the big, white home on the hill 13 years ago with all of my belongings in a duffle bag. Since then, I have become a reliable employee, a loyal friend and a loving husband. Today, I am a positive example to my children and an asset to my community. I have established a successful business and sold it to return to college. I earned my Master’s Degree and am close to receiving my CPA certification. Somewhere along the way, Harbor Hall saw in me some budding potential, and I am happy to say that today I see it too.”

Keith Capps, 2019


“Harbor Hall saved my life. Everyone here is like one big family. Recovery is the hardest thing a person can do for themselves. You have to be willing to dig deep into your past; to figure out why physically, intellectually, mentally and spiritually you turn toward using drugs or alcohol. I love this place!”

Youssef Elghoul, 2019


“I’m the best version of myself, thanks to Harbor Hall. Unlike any other treatment facilities I had been to, Harbor Hall gave me the necessary tools required to rehabilitate my soul. The staff took care of me as if I was a part of their family. Today I have a band of brothers that share the same goals as me. I am grateful for my brand new life.”

A.T., 2019


“Harbor Hall has been a great benefit in my life. The entire staff is very encouraging and supportive. My stay at Harbor Hall has transformed me into a whole person. I am looking at life in a better, healthier, happier way. I have hope to live a better life.”

Jackson County (Michigan) Recovery Court, 2015


“Harbor Hall has been a preferred provider of substance abuse services for the Jackson County Recovery Court for 10 years. We have created a lasting and trusted partnership that is integral to the success of our program. The experience that the Harbor Hall staff brings is one of the best in the State of Michigan.” ~ Newell Turpel, Director of Business Operations,
Jackson County Recovery Court

Paul Gauden


“When certain people ask my age I sometimes reply, seven. When I entered treatment at Harbor Hall I was incomplete, emotionally and spiritually undeveloped. I could never comprehend anything outside of myself and did not know myself at all. I had not just built a wall, but a solid structure, with the tools of addiction. Trapped, I could not see out or in. At Harbor Hall I was given the tools to tear down that structure and build a substantial foundation for life. Holistically, the staff had a tremendous amount of empathy towards my disease and me. That I had not seen before. That, even in my broken state, allowed me to trust them.”

“My treatment was intense on all levels, painful, joyous, sad, calming, frightening, enlightening. I felt it all. For the first time I truly could comprehend what it was like to naturally feel. When I cried it was real, when I laughed it was real. I felt whole, truly alive and still do today.”

“Simply put-Harbor Hall gave me a life in every aspect. Not a re-birth or second chance, but real true life, period. I am grateful to be alive and still growing today. I owe much gratitude to everyone involved. From the Clinical Director who took time to explain things to me, to my counselor who showed me more of myself in one session than I could figure out in thirty years and, to the night techs that kept me from running away with myself.”

“Today when I think of my connection to Harbor Hall I get the feeling one would get driving by their old childhood home. That is because I grew up there.”

 Jeremy T. Feb. 2013


“Hello! First off; let me begin by saying the new improvements look great! I am sure the guys love the new furniture/beds. I went through the program from late August to November 2012. It was an experience that; A. Saved my life and; B. One I will never forget. I miss the staff and some of the guys I became friends with. I hope the guys that moved next door are doing well and have found jobs. After my stay at Harbor Hall I realized I would like to get into Mental Health and the management side of the business. I would give a great recommendation to anyone who may be questioning whether or not Harbor Hall is the right place to get the help they may need. Please tell Bill I said hello and I hope that he and everyone else are doing well. Again, please call me if there is someone I can talk to and help guide them to make the right decision to; Stay at Harbor Hall. As a self pay client I know it is a major decision but, the money is so well worth it in the end. Harbor Hall saved my life and I would love the opportunity to bring others to the place that changes lives. Thank you again and god bless. Take care.” ~ Jeremy T.

Geoff Linklater


Hello. My name is Geoff Linklater and I am an alcoholic.

I was a client at Harbor Hall in 1997.

Like many of us I have been to a few different treatment facilities. My experience at Harbor Hall has not only changed my life but, has also given me new friends and, a sense of pride associated with having this treatment center located in my community. Initially, I was somewhat reluctant to attend treatment in my home town but, upon reflection, I can’t imagine it working out any better.

I found every aspect of Harbor Hall to be greatly beneficial to me in every detail of my life. The staff is not only professional but, more than that, I felt like they were really on my side and truly wanted me to succeed. I can’t say enough about the entire program and how it gradually helped me to break old patterns of behavior and to replace them with discipline, abstinence and good self-esteem. This is achieved through hard work and responsibilities like making your own bed, working in the kitchen, shoveling snow, cutting the lawn, acting as a buddy for detoxifying residents, holding the Saturday car wash, working in the community through small businesses and home owners, etc. Your small group, recreation days, family visiting, and interacting with other residents and the staff also played a large part in my growth process. The facility is kept in immaculate condition. It has some extremely useful extras like a game room featuring a pool table, ping-pong table, foosball, and a fully equipped weight room. All of these things were enormously helpful. The game room for sharing laughs with other clients and the weight room for rebuilding your body. I still maintain a level of fitness today that was inspired by my time in the hall.

Once your program is completed, if you have worked hard and demonstrated a level of commitment to rebuilding your life without alcohol and/or drugs, you may be eligible to live in one of the two completely furnished sober living houses or “T” Houses. I chose to spend one year of my life in this sober environment to further hone the skills I had just learned so that I could put them to use in the real world. To me, having this options to remain tethered to the Hall but, with virtually unlimited independence, was the biggest difference in being able to finally maintain long-term sobriety. If you truly want to give yourself the best chance to succeed, the sober living residences are an invaluable resource.

If you have a dependency problem and, are truly committed to freeing yourself of addiction, I promise you that Harbor Hall will give you the tools to succeed in your new life and help you to realize your dreams. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work.


Geoff Linklater
Testimonial written February 26, 2013