Harbour Hall


Community Involvement

At the heart of recovery and attaining sobriety are service and servanthood. Our organization and our residents strongly advocate for active involvement in the local community, as we believe it’s an essential component of a successful recovery journey. 

Community Programs


Clinical treatment primarily targets the psychological and emotional facets of addiction, incorporating therapy and counseling into a comprehensive treatment strategy. Clients interact with skilled professionals who assist them in understanding the genesis of their addiction. Often, these treatments address co-occurring disorders that may manifest alongside addiction.


Recreation is a crucial part of Harbor Hall’s treatment program. We’re privileged to partner with remarkable community organizations in Northern Michigan that help create these recreational opportunities. Additionally, Harbor Hall residents give back by volunteering their time at these organizations, such as Camp Daggett, as part of their commitment to community service.


“We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.” In our Residential treatment facility, many clients harbor resentments, assumptions, and misgivings towards concepts of God, a Higher Power, religion, and spirituality. Though we aren’t a faith-based organization, we offer understanding, support, and guidance regarding these concepts, despite the skepticism or animosity they might initially provoke. This open-minded approach has consistently been a standout aspect of the client experience in our treatment program.


Giving back plays a significant role in addiction recovery. Many individuals in active addiction tend to be self-centered and ego-driven, but these selfless acts help build a sense of community, self-worth, humility, and recovery capital. Those in early recovery need to learn the value of serving their community, as this service fosters humility and positive thinking, replacing ego-driven and self-centered behaviors with a healthier sense of self, caring for others, and a desire to serve. The benefits of these actions to the community are evident. If you’re looking for volunteers, please get in touch with us.

Donate to Harbor Hall

Battling addiction is not a solo fight. Regrettably, financial aid for those struggling with addiction is scant, with continual cuts in public and insurance funding for treatment. Emotional support can also be elusive due to the societal stigma of addiction that labels and isolates individuals, pushing them further from potential assistance.

Success at Harbor Hall is realized when an individual grappling with addiction begins to make different choices. It happens when someone reaches out for help, or an addict or alcoholic chooses to do “the next right thing.” Success is about shining a light on the path and accompanying individuals toward a healthier, better place.


Harbor Hall residents actively contribute to the community by volunteering at several local organizations. Twice a week, they assist with the heavy lifting and moving of donated items at the Women’s Resource Center’s Gold Mine Resale Store and work in the Salvation Army’s resale shop, including bell ringing during the holiday season. Their commitment to community service also includes volunteering for various events hosted by the Petoskey Chamber of Commerce, such as decorating downtown Petoskey for the Fall Harvest Festival. During the winter, you’ll often see Harbor Hall Residents volunteering to clear sidewalks of snow and ice.

Community Events

Residents provide weekly support at the Manna Food Project, aid in the setup and takedown of several community events, and assist with spring and fall cleanups and maple syrup cooking at Camp Daggett. They assist in setting up several local AA/NA meetings in Petoskey and operate a popular car wash weekly during the warmer months. Additionally, they immaculately maintain the Harbor Hall campus, reflecting their dedication to service within and beyond their recovery community. Furthermore, they engage in speaking events at schools in Petoskey and Charlevoix, contributing to educating the community.