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Women, Family & Adolescent Center

Women, Family & Adolescent Center

Ribbon-Cutting-Edited Women, Family & Adolescent Center

An Outpatient Treatment Center for Women, Teens and Families

Harbor Hall’s array of outpatient addiction treatment services are designed to meet the specific needs of women’s addiction issues, teenage addiction, and family support. Acknowledging that the needs of these groups are much different from those in traditional treatment, our programs address these differences with a strength-based coordinated system. The development and pattern of substance use disorders differ in each gender–from early risk factors all the way through treatment and recovery–and require different approaches to treatment.

Core principles of gender-responsive treatment that guide Harbor Hall’s philosophies:

  • Recognition of the role of significant relationships
  • Addressing unique health concerns
  • Acknowledging the difference between socioeconomic issues
  • Holistic: mind, body, spiritual
  • Unconditional care
  • Family-centered approach
  • Family involvement
  • Builds on community supports
  • Strength-based
  • Collaboration across Systems
  • Outcome-oriented

Adolescent substance abuse is a problem that in many cases leads to a wide variety of risky behaviors including unsafe sex, driving while intoxicated or many other unsupervised activities.
When a teen develops a pattern of repeated mood altering substance use, the behavior can pose serious social and health risks.

Services Offered

  • School performance
  • Problems with family and other relationships
  • Loss of interest in normal healthy activities
  • Impaired memory
  • A very real risk of overdose death
  • Strength-based, Individualized treatment planning
  • Prime for Life Early Intervention
  • Trauma informed recovery

Evidenced Based Therapies

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Seeking Safety
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

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