Sub-Acute Detoxification

Sub-Acute Detoxification


“I entered treatment with a “train wreck” of a life. I was destitute, homeless and borderline suicidal. But my life was changed through Harbor Hall. Now I have hope, I make positive lifestyle choices, and I’ve stayed sober for two years. The bleak, hopeless suffering of addiction has been transformed into abundant growth, opportunity and possibility.”

-Todd B.

Sub-acute detoxification services are provided at our residential facility in Petoskey. This service is offered to adult males 18 and over, who need supervised withdrawal of alcohol and/or drugs.

Detoxification has three immediate goals: (1) to provide a safe withdrawal from alcohol or other drug(s) of dependence (2) to provide withdrawal that is both humane and protects your dignity; and (3) to prepare you for ongoing treatment.

  1. To provide safe withdrawal from drug(s) of dependence and enable you to become drug-free. Many risks are associated with withdrawal. For persons who are severely dependent on alcohol; abrupt, untreated cessation of drinking may result in withdrawal delirium, seizures, marked hyper autonomic signs, or death. Other sedative-hypnotics also may produce life-threatening withdrawal syndromes. Withdrawal from opiates and stimulants produces severe discomfort but generally is not life-threatening. Outpatients experiencing withdrawal symptoms may self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs, and the interaction between prescribed medication and self-administered drugs may result in an overdose.
  2. To provide a withdrawal process that is both humane and protects the patient’s dignity. Harbor Hall has a caring staff, in a supportive environment that is culturally sensitive, maintains confidentiality, and insures the proper selection of appropriate detoxification medication (if needed). All of these are important in providing safe withdrawal of alcohol and/or drugs. The Harbor Hall staff includes a physician that overseas the detoxification process and monitors each patient accordingly.
  3. To prepare you for ongoing treatment of your dependence on alcohol or other drugs. We will work with you to coordinate an ongoing support plan to keep you drug/alcohol free upon your discharge from our detoxification services.

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