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Residential Withdrawal Management (Sub-Acute Detoxification) is an organized service that is delivered by appropriately trained staff, who provide 24-hour supervision, observation, and support for clients who are intoxicated or experiencing withdrawal.  This level emphasizes peer and social support rather than on medical or nursing care.  This is a medically supervised service.  However, the Harbor Hall Medical Director and Clinical Director are on call 24/7 to screen a potential client’s appropriateness for this level of care and to provide Harbor Hall detoxification staff with direction and guidance as needed.   This service is delivered to adult males age 18 and older.

There are three immediate goals for Withdrawal Management (Sub Acute Detoxification):

    1. To assure safe withdrawal from a person’s substance of abuse/misuse.
    2. To deliver the service that is both humane and protects the individual’s dignity.
    3. To prepare the individual for on-going treatment and therapy.

The Withdrawal Management staff provide care in a supportive environment that is culturally sensitive and maintains strict confidentiality.  This service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on a space available basis. Please call our office for cost and availability.  An operator will be available 24/7.