Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient Treatment Programs


“I entered treatment with a “train wreck” of a life. I was destitute, homeless and borderline suicidal. But my life was changed through Harbor Hall. Now I have hope, I make positive lifestyle choices, and I’ve stayed sober for two years. The bleak, hopeless suffering of addiction has been transformed into abundant growth, opportunity and possibility.”

-Todd B.

Our outpatient treatment programs are designed to assist individuals in achieving lasting recovery from addictions.

Harbor Hall programs are largely based upon the principles of 12 Step Programs. Clients are expected to develop and maintain a personal recovery program utilizing 12 Step Group’s valuable principles.


Petoskey Outpatient Treatment
Concord Commons
2236 East Mitchell Street; Unit 5
Petoskey, Michigan 49770
Phone (231) 347-9880
Fax (231) 347-9313
Cheboygan Outpatient Treatment
520 North Main Street; Suite 106
Cheboygan, Michigan 49721
Phone (231) 597-9235
Fax (231) 627-4201


Addiction is a disease that can be treated, and recovery is available to individuals regardless of their drug of abuse. The Harbor Hall staff believes in the dignity and value of each client and in his/her capacity to develop a lifestyle of honesty and recovery.

We do not consider one addiction more difficult to address than another. We believe that any addict or alcoholic who becomes effectively involved in the recovering community can remain drug and alcohol-free.

About Our Outpatient Treatment Services

No recipient shall be denied appropriate services from Harbor Hall on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, mental or physical handicap, marital status, sexual preference or political belief.

Intake Information

Harbor Hall accepts referrals from individuals, families, health services agencies, courts and other sources. We offer services Monday through Friday, and are available from 9 A.M. – 9 P.M. The daily schedule depends upon the service schedule.

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List of Outpatient Services

  • Assessment – Harbor Hall provides assessment services to assist clients and their families in determining the appropriate level of care and comply with court mandates. In addition, during assessments we briefly educate clients about addiction and recovery, explore goals, options and impart hope that recovery is possible.
  • Case Management – A counselor oversees treatment, including assessment, treatment planning, advocacy, referrals and aftercare planning.
  • Individual Therapy – Individual therapy is offered independently or in addition to group therapy. The appropriate duration, intensity and direction of therapy is determined on an individual basis.
  • Group Therapy – Several group therapy options are offered that are designed to help clients with varying needs, levels of motivation and intensity of substance use problems. Groups range in duration from 8 to 24 weeks depending upon client needs and preferences.
  • Relapse Prevention Groups – Designed for people who have already been engaged in the recovery process and there is concern about their ability to sustain long-term recovery. Objectives include educating clients about the relapse process, assessing recent recovery status, identifying high-risk situations, developing and clarifying goals and their relationship to recovery.
  • Medical Professionals Program – Designed for medical professionals whose license may be at risk to practice in the State of Michigan, we offer comprehensive outpatient and residential treatment at an affordable cost. Many providers charge as much as $25,000 or more for residential care and we can provide that same level of care for less plus the cost of detoxification if necessary. We work with the Health Professionals Recovery Program and are a registered provider for HPRP. Our medical director will monitor your contract through HPRP. We have been providing this service for over twenty years and we have several medical professionals in our program that you will be connecting with for mutual support and aid.
  • Gender Specific Programming – From past trauma to ongoing physical or mental health issues, by addressing substance use disorders as part of a broader picture, we focus our end goal not just on living free of alcohol or drugs – but on empowering clients to live a fulfilling, healthy and rewarding life. Harbor Hall outpatient programs focus on the whole person – including physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Our team understands addiction, and we bring that knowledge to our work. We offer a blend of innovative therapies including life skill-building groups, and experiential activities. And because research has shown that both men and women benefit from gender-specific treatment, we do all this in a supportive, gender specific environment.
  • Adolescent Services – Harbor Hall offers outpatient services to male and female adolescents. We specialize on assessing whether the adolescent has actually developed a substance use disorder or, that the adolescent is acting out family dynamics by engaging in substance abuse. Harbor Hall believes that it is extremely important to have family involvement in the adolescent’s treatment and we work to engage the family in their recovery program. We also believe in gender specific programming for adolescents and match the therapist to the client.
  • Specialized Services – Harbor Hall also offers specialized services including drug testing and assessments for courts and employers, assessments for driver’s license reinstatement, drug court and sobriety court involvement, mental health assessments and counseling, cognitive/behavioral therapy, jail substance education classes, opiate replacement therapy in conjunction with drug testing and counseling for lifestyle changes, Moral Reconation Therapy, breathalyzer services, etc.

Treatment Costs

Fees for treatment are determined based upon existing program costs. Some Third-party insurance programs and HMOs do cover outpatient services. Please check with your particular insurance policy for coverage. If you have limited resources, treatment may be funded for you through the Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services located out of Gaylord, Michigan. We will help you see if they may cover your treatment costs. The number for the access center is 800-686-0749.

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