Residential Statistics for Harbor Hall, Inc.. Harbor Hall.

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Residential Statistics for Harbor Hall, Inc.

Residential Statistics for Harbor Hall, Inc.

Satisfaction results for residential treatment services in the Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services Area

Provider Name                                                                         Overall Satisfaction
Addiction Treatment Services – Traverse City                               96%
Harbor Hall – Petoskey                                                                       99%
Sunrise Centre – Alpena                                                                      95%
Ten Sixteen Treatment Center – Midland                                    100%

These results were tabulated through Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services, who conducted independent evaluations of the programs that they contract with in Northern Michigan. This is a testament to all of the dedicated staff, throughout Harbor Hall, who work to insure that our clients are treated with dignity and respect.

The Anonymous People

This is a story that is worth telling. The Anonymous People is a grassroots movement to get people in recovery to advocate for others that are still out there suffering from the disease of addiction. It basically scolds us in recovery to say that; “By Our Silence, We Let Others Define Us – Susan Rook” I attended the Celebrate Recovery walk on September 15th on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan. There I met Pat Taylor from Faces and Voices of Recovery, Gil Kerlikowske Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Ben Jones from NCADD of Detroit and others who came out to Walk for Recovery. We can share this story, we owe it to our fellow addict to spread this story. Please watch; “The Anonymous People.” Spread the word, Share the Story.

EMDR with Dr. Andrew M. Leeds

Why EMDR Works

Pat McGinn; Director of Clinical Operations for Harbor Hall is a skilled EMDR Therapist. We utilize EMDR to deal with trauma that keeps clients stuck. EMDR is a good orientation model that helps to get the client beyond the stuck phase and moving forward in to recovery. Pat utilizes this orientation in residential and outpatient treatment at Harbor Hall.

Synthetic Drug Problematic for US Authorities – Part 2 of 2

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Part 2 of Synthetic Drug Problematic for US Authorities. There are drug tests that test for these chemicals. Know what to look for and get educated. They are often sold as bath salts, incense and other things that you would use as household products. Become informed to keep your children off of this stuff as they are truly frightening drugs.


Synthetic Drug Problematic for US Authorities – Part 1 of 2

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More on Synthetic Drugs. This stuff is truly frightening and the behavior caused by their use is extreme, violent and psychotic.



Synthetic Drug War

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More on Synthetic Drugs. We have seen very few chemicals that incite people to extreme violence against self and others. Synthetic drugs create an issue with Dopamine and Serotonin in the brain which then stimulates psychosis and other extreme behavioral issues.




Synthetic Drugs

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This video does a nice job talking about the horrors of so called Bath Salts. If you have adolescents, please watch out for this stuff.



A Song that Describes Addiction to Opiates

Click Here to Listen to The Hurt

This song is sung by Johnny Cash and could describe addiction to opiates. He talks about the needle tearing the hole; the old familiar sting, and describes the destruction that is caused by addiction. What a haunting melody.

GenerationRX: Prescription Drug Abuse (Part 2)

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This video is Part 2 of the GenerationRX: Prescription Drug Series

GenerationRX: Prescription Drug Abuse (Part 1)

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This is a good video to watch for insights about Prescription Drug Abuse; one of the largest problems facing our nation today.

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